Hello, I'm Bill Smith, Certified Professonal Photographer

Call me at 972-843-1323

I won't say I've "always" been a photographer, but I have great memories of my father sending me off to Boy Scout camp when I was about 11 years old with his old film camera that folded out with a bellows between the film and the lens.

Several years ago, I was inspired by my daughter's travel photography (she's been EVERYWHERE) to take photography seriously, and the experience has been great! I have photographed the fun events in peoples lives, and I work hard to make portrait sessions and even corporate headshots enjoyable.

I'm active daily in photojournalism, as I am the editor of a local magazine. I have also had a number of pictures published in the local newspaper. The pictures you see here as photojournalism are examples of my photos that have been submitted for publication.

If you have a photography project, call me to discuss it. I don't take every photography job that I am offered, and if the shoe doesn't fit, we won't try to force it on. Maybe I can refer you to the one that does. Let's talk about it.