I believe that printed photography is important, whether it be for photo albums or for beautiful portraits to hang in your home or business. This is reflected in both my rates for capturing photos, as well as how I price my prints.


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"Events" is a pretty broad term, and I have photographed a variety. Weddings, Marine Corps Balls, Baby reveals, Parties and Festivals are a few of the opportunities that fall under Events. I generally limit my time to no more that four hours each day.


Call and lets talk about it.

The general rule is $130.00 for the first shot, then $30.00 for each shot after that. I bring lights and equipment to your location and can provide backdrops or shoot with your location as the backdrop. I can also insert backdrops in post processing.


$125.00 starting Fee

The fee for a portrait session is for individuals, couples, and immediate families. The fee includes watermarked, digital images for sharing on social medial. High quality digital images without watermarks are $3.00 each. Fee increases for larger groups.



I am available for freelance photography work for publication. My fee is negotiable.


Why are events limited to four hours?

I am not interested in events that go deep into the night, such as huge weddings with dinner and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. If you have an event that exceeds four hours, call me and we can talk about it.

When will we get our photos?

My editing process is pretty quick, and I can usually turn around a complete package within two weeks, depending on how many photos you want and how much editing you require.

How many pictures will we receive?

The last wedding that I shot was a relatively small affair, and I took 400 photos. I edited the collection down to about 200 to present to the client, and they selected 50. They purchased all of the digital images and they ordered about 25 prints. The price of the print order of course depends on what you need, but I can give you a quote based on what you think you will order, and we can adjust from there.

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